Branding and Your Logo - June 20, 2024

Your logo is one of the most important parts of your business. It helps establish your brand. This is not about how to design or make your logo stand out this is about preserving it for future use. Over the years I have had to “redo” so many logos because customers/clients no longer had the file or simply had a jgp (flat) file. This is my advice to you: Make sure you have a “editable” vector copy of your logo and know what fonts are used in it. It could be in a number of file types a few common file types are .ai or .pdf. Make sure you have the right one. If you don’t make sure your not paying extra to have this file(s) from your designer and make sure you have the rights to use it and the fonts freely. I hate to see people taken advantage of. If you don’t have the right files anymore or unable to acquire them from the designer. I can help, just send me a quick email. I am happy to take a look and give you a quote to vectorize it for you. This means you can take this file to any printer. With a vectorized logo you can now use it on a billboard or a business card.


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